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Join the RCP Team!

We are looking for individuals with a high degree of experience and expertise in neurology, with particular emphasis on the cerebellum.


The Raynor Cerebellum Project Director will pioneer a collaboration of the best minds in cerebellar research with a Manhattan Project-like focused, results-oriented approach. They will take a leading role in helping to allocate $20 million in funding over the next several years, manage a substantial budget to plan summits and symposia that will bring worldwide experts together to push the field forward, and consult with UT Southwestern as they allocate their $17 million to build a state of the art Raynor Cerebellar lab and team.

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Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Members will serve the RCP Director as part of an advisory body that will consult and advise on projects within the RCP network and attend summits and symposia to provide input and leadership.

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