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RCP Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Members will serve the RCP Director as part of an advisory body that will consult and advise on projects within the RCP network and attend summits and symposia to provide input and leadership.


  • Support the RCP Director in the review, summary, and critique of research grant proposals
  • Provide the RCP Director with insight & expertise on Researcher Profiles
  • Work alongside the RCP Director to critically evaluate progress and update ongoing RCP priorities & goals based on results to date & innovation in cerebellar research initiatives worldwide


  • High degree of experience and expertise in the field of neurology, with particular emphasis on the cerebellum.
  • Preferably someone with clinical, academic/research, and administrative experience.
  • Published academic research in highly regarded industry publications.
  • Demonstrated track record of achievement in the field of neurology/cerebellum
  • Detailed understanding of the current landscape of brain research broadly and cerebellar dysfunction/research specifically.

Time Commitment:

  • Attend four in-person meetings per year
    • Includes two workdays PLUS possible weekends e.g. Thursday – Sunday
  • Virtual “meetings” monthly
    • Up to 5 hours per month, likely broken up into multiple sessions
    • Potential evening or weekend calls at times
    • While we will plan in advance to the extent possible, will need some degree of flexibility, and occasionally need to meet on short notice


Email Bethany Cale (Once Upon a Time Foundation) to learn more.